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  •  Meinong is located in the southern part of Taiwan, with a fertile basin in the middle, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys; most of the inhabitants are the Hakka people who immigrated from Canton Province in China. Meinong people follow the old traditions of their ancestors who were renowned for their perseverance in their commitments. As a result, we have produced many successful people in different walks of life. Due to the high standards of education, people here often expect high level services from public organizations.

     The Population Records Office occupies the frontline of the public services and work closely with local residents; from the first, till the last minute of their lives, all the residents have to reciprocate with the Population Office, and they learn to judge the service of the local government according to the service they receive from the Population Office, thus all our colleagues face their daily works with the utmost care and meticulous attention, lest they should fail the expectation of the people. Since most of the residents are Hakka people, in order to facilitate mutual understanding, all our colleagues at the counter were born and brought up in a local family. As a result, they speak perfect Hakka language. With the ideal of friendliness, benevolence and effectiveness, all our colleagues work together to achieve our common goal of serving our people, to build up an excellent office civilization, create an excellent result of serving the public.